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      My parents recognized my musical talent at a young age. They encouraged me to be a regular participant for light music contests. I became a known prize winner.

      But at the age of twelve, during my voice transition phase, my singing became thorny task and I lost many competitions. My constant failures let me down and I decided to give up singing. My parents advised me to participate in what I considered my last competition then, to give up singing . I participated in the musical contest held in 1976; I was not able to sing properly that day and waited for my results till evening. The prizes were announced. To my astonishment, I had received a consolation prize.

      Years later I learned from my father how I had received my consolation prize that day. Before the reward announcement my father had went back stage and enquired about prize position. Having understood I had lost the competition he went to shop nearby and bought a price for me. He informed the organizers about my decision and requested them to give me a consolation prize so as to encourage my singing. Thus I regained my valuable gift of singing in life.

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